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This is a unique collection of hand made hardwood furniture, designed and made in Northumberland England. Over four fifths of all woods used are from trees between 150 and 280 years old felled and then ring-counted to verify their age.
Many more native broadleaved trees were planted to replace those felled.
The beautiful ‘wild’ grain of the woods used in this furniture is unlike the plainer  grain of woods that is necessary in commercial furniture production.
The designs are based on function and durability and together with simple proportioning provide a timeless style allowing more appreciation of the age and beauty of the wood.
After several years of natural air drying outdoors each plank of wood was then  carefully kiln-dried to achieve a low moisture content suitable for all interiors. 
Traditional methods of furniture construction are used through out with mortise and tenon and dovetail jointing. All items are finished in a superb and resilient sprayed fine matt lacquer finish.
The wych elm cabinets are made from an avenue of trees planted around 1750 and wood from such old trees is rare indeed and few remain anywhere in UK.
The cabinet drawer knobs are available in a dark wood, or in sycamore inlaid with a laburnum centre button.
The monkey puzzle table is made from two large 130 year old trees, some of the earliest ones to have been planted in the British Isles. The species was once 'native’ and fossil remains of such trees at Whitby are now the source of Jet jewellery.
There are absolutely no materials used whatsoever from outside Western Europe and thus no negative impact on unknown distant land and marine habitats.
Made locally with a ‘low carbon footprint’, we have been involved in trees and woodlands for 20 years encompassing all matters of tree and woodland management and always with an emphasis on conservation.
These are extremely solid individual items of furniture  and with normal usage and care when moving should still be in daily use in 100 and more year’s time……
Each item is unique, in wood grain pattern and colour, and is individually priced.
Wood is a natural material, and especially from trees of this great age and size may show knots shakes splits cracks pin holes and colour and grain variations, all of which contribute to the individual appearance character and beauty of each item.
A choice of chairs from established chair makers and suppliers is available to suit the various kitchen and dining tables for sale, and these can be supplied at cost and finished to suit as you wish..
A lacquering service is available on request for indoor household items such as kitchen cabinet doors tables and chairs, and is available in a range of finishes from complete matt right through to high gloss in a hard wearing lacquer in either a clear finish or in any colour you wish.
for interest and information on the the tree species and the woods used for instance please see the free online encyclopedia wikipedia:
Wych Elm - Ulmus glabra
Ash          – Fraxinus excelsior
Sycamore – Acer pseudoplatanus
Oak          – Quercus robur and petraea
Take care when moving furniture, lift and do not drag across floors.
Do not store in damp conditions.
Although our slatted bed bases help a mattress ‘breathe’ you should turn your mattress for airing several times a year.
The superb matt lacquer finish requires only a wipe clean with a damp cloth and do not apply any wax or other furniture solutions or sprays. It is tough and resistant to most household spills.
Use table mats for hot dishes and a chopping board for preparing food.
In time, with all the usual clatter of daily life the furniture will gain more ‘character’.

The Traditional Furniture - info