Wood Treatment

Upon request and prior to delivery to the purchaser of any of The Traditional Furniture items, these can be treated in a specialized facility in London to ensure that the item is free of any minor unseen insect infestation.

Ecological Insect Pest Eradication 

The Thermo Lignum® WARMAIR process has taken many years of comprehensive trials to make it appropriate for the treatment of very complex and also valuable wooden objects. Eradicating insect pests in museums, art galleries and historic house collections. The Thermo Lignum® service is an integral part of modern day conservation, restoration and insect pest management. The technology has been continuously developed and refined over a period of more than twenty years. 

Using only naturally occurring elements, air and water, sound biological principles and established laws of physics, all insects inhabiting any species and thickness of wood will die when exposed to this specialized treatment. The absence of any chemicals or noxious gases during the process allows immediate reuse of the items upon completion of the treatment, without risk of harm to your health, the object, or the environment.

Insects that may invade wood are the woodworm beetle and the longhorn beetle.

The list of recent and current clients in the UK include the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, Tate Britain, and Tate Modern. 

Thermo Lignum is an internationally recognized and accepted leader in its field, synonymous with non-toxic, chemical-free and guaranteed insect pest eradication.

Each item after treatment is issued with an identifying certificate and guarantee and which will also allow export from the UK.
Delivery to the purchaser will be arranged from London once treatment is completed